Download Windows 10 ISO From Microsoft Official Website

Download a Windows 10 ISO

Microsoft makes Windows 10 ISO images accessible to everybody through its download site, however in case you’re as of now utilizing a Windows machine, it drives you to download the Media Creation Tool first. Here’s the manner by which to download Windows ISOs without the creation tool.

Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool is just for Windows although it doesn’t download windows 10 ISO. In the event that you access the site from another working framework—like macOS or Linux—you’re shipped off a page where you can legitimately download an ISO image. To get those direct ISO document downloads on Windows, you’ll have to make your internet browser imagine you’re utilizing another working framework. This requires mocking your program’s client specialist.

The program’s client operator is a short line of text that tells a site which OS and program you’re utilizing. In the event that something on the site isn’t viable with your arrangement, the site can serve you an alternate page. In the event that you parody the client operator, you can get to a site that guarantees it’s inconsistent with your framework. To get to the direct ISO record downloads, your program will guarantee it’s on a non-Windows working framework.

How to Download a Windows 10 ISO Image File

Download Windows 10 ISO
Download Windows 10 ISO

First, go to Windows 10 official download page then open open developer options by CTRL+SHIFT+I. Click on the menu (right-cornered three vertical points), more tools and network conditions.

Change User Agent

Second, uncheck User agent and select “Chrome – chrome os” then refresh the page.

Windows 10 ISO
Choose 64/32 bit Version

Further More, you choose 64/32 bit version.

Windows 10 ISO
Select the edition then select the language

At the end, select the edition then select the language.

if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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